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Dear you who read this post,
I just wanna tell you that bad situations may trap you several times. Shit always happens. Things go down. And every bad lucks that happens recently may drive you down and ruin your mood up.
But I also wanna tell you that you must have faith. A little faith that will help you walk through this dark tunnel.
Yes, a long tunnel, my dear. And every tunnel, no matter how long it is, always has a spark of light at its end.
So, keep your faith on. Don’t stop believing that, soon, you will see the end of this tunnel.
Once or twice in your life or maybe now, you wanna cry. Cry a lot. But it’s okay. It’s normal to be scared to dark. But always remember, there will be a day you meet the end of your journey.

Always remember that, my dear you who still read this post till the end.



I’m author of “Senja di Ujung Lensa” dalam Antologi Cerpen dan Foto 'Menyebrang Pada Sebuah Jendela'. diterbitkan oleh @indiebookcorner. Antologi cerpen kedua saya berjudul 'Cinta Terpendam', karya saya yang dimuat di sana berjudul “Hujan di Antara Kita“, diterbitkan oleh @mozaikindie. Cari SHARONCITARA di sejumlah sosial media untuk dapat terus berkomunikasi dengan saya. may GOD bless you and be the light! happy reading, Sharoncitara.

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